Mukul made each session impactful in listening to me, making me feel comfortable and then helping me discover the key stages to tackling each challenge. I really benefited from his coaching.

Assistant Director, Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office, Singapore

Mukul has been a positive and energetic driver of change. His vast experience and ability to crystallize issues to root causes provides much nee ded clarity and inspiration to meeting the challenges of fast - paced change.

Senior Assistant Director, Ministry of Trade and Industry

Mukul is a very inspirational coach, who is candid in sharing, which steered me to the next leap of faith.

Deputy Director, Ministry of Health, Singapore.

Mukul knows how to reach out to people, even stubborn ones like me. Mukul is excellent in de - constructing and making things simpler. In an amazing manner he dismantled my strengths to reveal what more ought to be done so that multiple ripples of positive behaviour were replicated

Assistant Director, Singapore Public Service Commission

Mukul is a genius. His strength / ability is the way he engages me and coaches me to help me fulfill my goals and aspirations.

Senior Consultant, Department of Surgery, NUH, Singapore

Mukul is a fantastic and clear facilitator.

Chui Chee Keong, Transit Link, Singapore

Mukul is excellent and thought provoking.

Chandra Segaran, Transit Link, Singapore

Perfect 10! I learnt how to harness my team role and how to best contribute to my team. Mukul is a superb presenter with good knowledge.

Charmaine Phoon, BNP Paribas Asia Pac L&D Campus, Singapore

A good trainer is someone who is able to transfer knowledge effectively to his students but a great trainer must be able to inspire his class at a personal level. Mukul is a great trainer. He demonstrated knowledgeable in broad subjects where he effectively answered questions from the ground using easy to understand terms, supported by relevant case studies and examples. I was inspired by his passion and it was truly my privilege to learn from a great master.

Reggie Tan, Land Transport Authority, Singapore

Mukul brought a depth of experience and insight to a number of training activities here at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Over the years we have engaged with him, Mukul quickly formed deep mentoring relationships with a number of representatives from post-conflict countries, most notably Afghanistan. He worked diligently to guide individuals and teams in the development of targeted project documents which comprehensively addressed areas of identified need. In

Berin McKenzie, Specialist: United Nations Institute for Training and Research

Mukul is funny, engaging and inspiring. Everything a coach in teamwork and high performance need to be.

Pek Lian, Vice President, Group Corporate Communication, Singtel

I heard about Mukul prior to re-joining Weike Group and had received numerous inspiring feedback of his workshops, coaching & mentoring skills; I had the chance myself to attend his workshop and had enjoyed the interactions and refreshing learning for self-motivation. With this positive chain reaction, I connected my boss to Mukul who is looking for a coach that period. My boss attended his workshop and was inspired. Besides Mukul’s relaxed and open demeanour as he puts everyone at

Cindy Tan, HR Department Head at Weike Gaming Technology

Mukul has the amazing ability of attracting the complete attention of the audience, irrespective of duration of the session, different type of personality of the attendees. The way he makes the session interactive, engages people and delivers things in the easiest way is simply superb! An amazing coach who is on top of every issue. Organizations having issues in terms of developing leadership, cross functional hindrances, and managing change will get maximum benefit from him.

Bijon Sinha, Human Resource Manager at Aggreko, Bangladesh

Mr Mukul is a thoughtful mentor and inspiring leader. He sets high standards of accountability for himself, and leads by example. He has extraordinary drive, entrepreneurial determination, and tenaciousness coupled with creative influence and communication skills. He is highly respected in the community and continues to impact those around him in a distinctive way.

Johnson Paul, Senior Associate Director at National University of Singapore

I enjoyed Mukul’s facilitation and teaching methods and the use of different activities and exercises to help deepen understanding of Influence 247 or to reinforce learning & application.Mukul is observant and perceptive and paid attention to each participant, making them feel involved.

Irene Lim, Assistant Vice President, Capitaland

I learnt how to change my perception towards an issue or problem. Mukul is inspirational.

Chia Siew Choon, Hewlett Packard

Mukul is a lively good listener who is willing to share. He uses live examples to elaborate and help us uncover problems and resolve them.

Amy Sua, Human Resources, Hewlett Packard (Singapore)

I realized that I should focus on the person, not on the problem. The action I will take is to listen more. This will enable to gain ownership of problems and issues by staff.

Florence Lian Managing Director (Radio), Mediacorp

Perfect 10! I learnt how to let my team see the problem, come up with the solution and be accountable. The result is that they grow as leaders. I strongly recommend this session to be extended to our next in-line people managers.

Doreen Neo, Mediacorp, Senior Leadership Team

I learnt how to widen my observer; keep it simple, visible and actionable; and most of all to break down problems. Mukul is humorous, incisive and a very insightful coach and storyteller in driving home key takeaways.

Poon Mei Yee, SAP Asia Pte Ltd

I feel that building rapport and connecting on a more emotional level is something I want to act on more in the future. Mukul brings the topic to life with his real-life stories.

Brent Mekis, Product Support, Caterpillar (Australia)

Very engaging, there was never a dull moment! Mukul offered valuable views and advice, helping me to see a different aspect of a situation.

Rebecca Tan, Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Mukul has the magic to reach everyone, regardless of their personal or professional background. It feels so good to go home knowing that we have learned something new.

Monica Portillo, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

Important concepts told in a simple way. Mukul is amazing with regard to presentation, clarity in communication and very pratical solutions.

Abhishek Susarla, BNP Paribas

 Mukul is very knowledgeable and motivates me. This is the first course in my life which kept me focused and listening throughtout. 

Amanda Sim, CLM Mobile, Singtel

 The best soft-skills course I have ever attended. Mukul puts other facilitators to shame.

Seah Xuan Yu, Consumer Marketing, Singtel

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