M.O.D.E.L. - The Return of the Employee (Cernunnos, 2019)

The next day I got a call from Ms. D.T.H. Squad. “Dr. G.O. Bells requests you to join him in his office… if you are free.”
“Of course I am free.” I assured her.

Like most wise men, I am never too busy for the Boss. So, after re-checking the tie knot, the shine on my shoes and straightening the trouser crease, off I went to meet the Boss, packing my trusty dictaphone and Day Timer.

Dr. G. O. Bells was standing near the large bay window (fitted with one way glass) that overlooked the gardens and the main parking lot when I entered. His office straddled most of the top floor of the main building so he had a panoramic view of the complete complex. He seemed lost in deep thought when I entered. He waved an offhandedly-casual hand at me when he noted my presence in a most subconscious way and then went back to his introspection.

I wisely chose not to disturb his reverie. Instead I also joined him  near the window and stood looking at the constant stream of people walking from the main office building to other parts of the complex. Unwittingly my attention was drawn to this really cute and curvaceous lady who had sashayed out of the door and was swaying towards the Admin Block.

I was happily admiring her curves when Dr. G. O. Bells murmured, “Ah! What an annus mirabilis!”

A little surprised at the boss’ remark, but going with the flow, I looked even more closely at her delectable derriere again before turning to him. “Yes, it is a remarkable ass, isn’t it? But Boss, are you sure her name is Mirabilis? Doesn’t seem likely for anyone to have a name like that, Boss.”

“Eh! What?” Dr. G. O. Bells started as though he had sat down on some sharp, hard object. “Ass? What ass?” He then gave a long look at the lady before he turned to give me an even longer look.  “I meant, what a marvelous and eventful year it has been, Model. That’s Latin. A-n-n-u-s M-i-r-a-b-i-l-i-s.” He literally spelled out the words slowly for my benefit. “Really Model!” 

He didn’t say it in so many words but his disdainful sniff and pointed gaze did, ‘If I did want to discuss the asses of the hired help I surely wouldn’t do it with the hired help, would I now? You ass!

Suitably chastened and highly mortified I stood there feeling like an ass as I mumbled apologetically, “Forgive me Boss, you know that Latin is truly a foreign language for me.”

            With a dismissive gesture Boss motioned me towards his table as he moved towards it after one final look at the dancing derriere. I could see that he didn’t trust me around the windows any longer.