Every book happens for a reason. This one came along, totally out of the blue, basically to help me find clarity on the way my mind thinks, and the resultant impact that has had on my life. I now realise why I have succeeded in so many things, and equally importantly, why I failed in so many others.

All this was triggered off when I was walking in Botanical Gardens in Singapore with a friend, Sally. It was still early, but the summer sun had begun to make its presence felt. As we strolled along we came to a tri-junction. I indicated one of the paths and asked her, 'Should we take that path?'

'Why?' she queried. 'Where does it go?'

'I have no clue,' I admitted, 'I just thought we should take it since it has the maximum shade.'

'I see.' But I could see she didn't. Sally is a shrink and loves to analyse everything in great detail. I was right, since a few steps (down the shaded path) later, she asked, 'I'm just wondering, is that how you take life decisions?'

'What do you mean?' I was puzzled. I had not really thought a lot before suggesting the path. Just done it kinda intuitively.

'Do you always take the easiest path?' Sally clarified.

Maybe I was imaging things, but I swear I could see that judging look in her eyes. It's strange...she switches off the cool, non-judging demeanour of a shrink when she's with friends, but not the way she analyses. 

'Oh!' Several epithets crossed my mind, but being old-school, not my lips.

So much for hanging out with shrinks. But I felt judged, and compelled to clarify, 'Walking in the park is a bit like life. We will often come across many paths, and more often than not, we will not know where they lead, or how good or bad they are... not till we travel on them. Right?'

She responded with a cursory nod, but I saw I had her attention.

'Whenever that happens I always take the path with the maximum shade... the one which seems the easiest.'

'So you DO take the easy way out every time.' This time there was no question mark at the end of her statement.

Damned if I was going to share that with her, but it got me thinking. And I realised that is exactly what I had done. I had always taken the easiest, simplest and quickest way to achieve whatever I wanted. As long as it was legal and ethical, I was good with taking the easy road.

And why not? Life can be challenging enough without inflicting any more complexities on ourselves. 

From that day onwards, I decided to make this part of my LIVE LIMITLESS movement, which I started to help people realise that the only cap on whatever they wish to achieve is placed by THEM, and they can break this by unleashing the leader within. They are the only things that stand in the way of achieveing whatever they wish to.

I believe that each one of us is born creative, intuitive and intelligent. That we are all polymaths, or multi-potentialites... or whatever fancy name you wish to give it. And I firmly believe that following the shade will not only allow us to achieve more, it will also make the journey of life so much more pleasant and meaningful.