Reviews of Salim Must Die

IndiaSe Singapore Dec 2009 "Combat Zone"
The Statesman July 12, 2009 "Thrillingly Indian"
The Hindu July 2, 2009 "Heady war games"
Deccan Herald June 7, 2007 "Bordering reality and fiction"
Business World June 15, 2009 "A War on Terror"
Business Standard April 29, 2009 "A taut, fast-paced, prescient thriller"
Mid Day April 25, 2009 "Why does a young man become a terrorist"
The Hindu May 7, 2009 "Look Out For"
Outlook May 4, 2009 "Fissile Material"
DNA April 26, 2009 "BEST SELLERS"
Hindustan Times April 10, 2009 "Salim Must Die"
 People  24 Apr 2009 "Catching up with Mukul Deva"
HT Chandigarh 6 Apr 2009 "New Book Revives Age of Indian Thrillers"
 Tribune, Chandigarh 05 Apr 2009 "Tracing Terror"
 Asian Age 03 Apr 2009 "Military Action Thriller Traces Routes of Terror"
 Asian Age 01 Apr 2009 "License to Thrill"
Deccan Herald March 22, 2009 "Book Rack"
Delhi Times March 20, 2009 "Hot of the Press"
 GRAZIA March 2009 "The Hitlist"
 Financial Express 22 Mar 2009 "Terror is a two-sided tail"
 New Indian Express, Chennai 19 March 2009 "Of terrorism and its aftermath on society"
 Sakaal Times, Pune March 2009 "Word War on terrorism"
 Deccan Chronicle March 2009 "Terror Thriller"
Deccan Herald, Bangalore 11 Mar 2009 "Action in Fiction"
The Hindu, Hyderabad 10 Mar 2009 "Where Fact Meets Fiction"
 Spicezee 09 March 2009 "Mukul Deva on his literary pursuits"
 Bangalore Mirror 07 Mar 2009 "On a terror trail"
HT Dainik Lucknow 05 Mar 2009 "Subject mein dum hai"
 Lucknow Times 05 Mar 2009 "A Treat For Book Lovers"       
 Pune Mirror Mar 2009 "Fiction in Action"
Times of India Pune Mar 2009 "Understanding the mind of a terrorist"
 Business World 22 Feb 2009 "The God Of All Things Page1"         "Page 2"  
The Hindu, New Delhi 16 Feb 2009 "When Truth Trips"
Hindustan Times, Lucknow 16 Feb 2009 "From Army Veteran To Thriller Writer"
DNA Mumbai Feb 2009 "All part of the drill"
DNA Jaipur Feb 2009 "Mukul Must Write"
 HT Jaipur Feb 2009 "Time Traveller"       
The Week Dec 2008 "Shri Sherlock Holmes"

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