The Change Maker 

Keynote Speaker:

Acknowledged as one of Asia's top motivational and leadership, keynote speakers, Mukul is engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking. He has delivered impactful keynotes to multicultural audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Korea, Japan and America, and always leaves his audiences more self-aware, energised and motivated.

No matter what the size or type of audience, Mukul ensures each session is a highly interactive, personal experience, and everyone walks out with a simple, easy to implement action plan, which leads to sustainable transformation.

His most popular keynotes are:

Breakthrough Thinking - Minimum Effort, Maximum Results, and

Transformational Thinking - Make Success A Habit

Executive Coach:

A certified coach from the Henley Business School, University of Reading (U.K.), Mukul is an intuitive, analytical and solutions-focused coach with an excellent understanding of succeeding in culturally diverse and sensitive environments.

One of the most renowned coaches in the Asia Pacific region Mukul is also an associate coach with Singapore Civil Service College. He has been coaching corporate senior management, C-level leaders, business owners and director level civil servants across several countries and cultures.

Mukul’s unique ability to develop the coachee’s awareness of their instinctive alignment, enables them to evolve innovative solutions to work / life challenges. His perpetually positive approach has helped leaders and functional teams to achieve phenomenal results in very short time-frames.

Expert Facilitator:

A globally sought after facilitator, Mukul is a qualified trainer in Leadership, Change Management, High Performing Teams, Belbin Team Roles, Business Continuity Planning / Management, Disaster Management, Cross-cultural functioning,  Negotiations and Resolving conflicts.

He has facilitated masterclasses and strategic envisioning sessions across the world.

Professional Mentor

A highly sought after mentor to business owners and senior leaders in government, private and social service sectors, Mukul also mentors creative people hit by blocks and first-time writers.

He has helped transform thinking and results for thousands of executives and hundreds of organisations in dozens of industries and sectors.

The God of all things... it's tough describing Mukul Deva - Business World

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