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The God of all things... it's tough describing Mukul Deva - Business World.

Deva has a Nostradamus touch - The Statesman

LASHKAR (2008)
had predicted Osama Bin Laden's presence in a safe house in Pakistan, and 
predicted his capture by US Special Forces (read EXTRACT), formation of the Indian NIA... and more

You can smell the gunpowder. This is the impact of the words of Mukul Deva ... the country's first military thriller writer - The Hindu

India's literary storm trooper - Business Standard

Mukul Deva comes as a pleasant surprise. It is rare to find a successful, celebrated man who has enough vulnerability... - New Indian Express

He's got a license to thrill... India's first military action thriller writer, Mukul Deva is back with a bang - Indian Express

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Sep 2013:    F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success released by Westland Ltd in 
                       the Indian Sub-contient

May 2013:    F.C.U.K. Your Way To Success released by Marshall Cavendish in 
                       South East Asia and UK

Dec 2012:     R.I.P. Released by Westland Ltd in the Indian sub-continent.

Nov 2012:     S.T.R.I.P.T.E.A.S.E. - The Art of Corporate Warfare - Released by 
                       Marshall Cavendish in Asia-Pac, Middle-East and Europe. 

Aug 2012:     THE DUST WILL NEVER SETTLE - Released by HarperCollins in 
                       the Indian sub-continent

LASHKAR: soon to be a major motion picture - Bollywood Trade    Headlines India

In 5 consecutive years, Mukul has released 5 BESTSELLERS - Lashkar (2008), Salim Must Die (2009), Blowback (2010), Tanzeem (2011) & The Dust Will Never Settle (2012).

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What's Next

DEATH CAME CALLING - India release by HarperCollins in Feb 2014 - READ AN EXCERPT

WEAPON OF VENGEANCE - scheduled for release by TOR in USA and Canada in Jun 2014

ONE NIGHT STAND - scheduled for release in mid 2015 - READ AN EXCERPT

S.C.R.E.W. M.E. (Support Change, and Revitalize Engagement With Minimal Effort) - unlock the productivity and profitability of your organization - watch this space


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