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People say my writing journey is as eclectic and full of surprises as my life. I agree. So far I have written in five genres, and have had the honour of being a consistent shot on bestseller lists for five consecutive years with five different books.

I feel a bit out of sorts when the media acknowledges me as the pioneer of the Indian military action thriller and techno-thriller or India’s literary storm trooper, India's Tom Clancy and India's No. 1 thrill machine, because I am just your average guy out to tell some interesting stories that engage, entertain, excite thought and sometimes, hopefully, inspire.

They started calling me the man with the Nostradamus touch, because a few of my books turned out to be uncannily prescient:
* LASHKAR (2008) predicted Bin Laden's presence in a safe house in Pakistan three years before it happened,
* SALIM MUST DIE (2009) predicted Bin Laden's capture by US Special Forces two years before the raid and the formation of the Indian NIA, and
* BLOWBACK (2010) predicted the bombing of the German Bakery in Pune.

I would love to hear your thoughts about my books. Especially if you have nice things to say ... smiley

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A taut and edgy series of four compelling books on terrorism that will keep you on the edge of your seats and gasping for more...

Tethered on the edge of reality, R.I.P. is unputdownable. Guaranteed to keep you turning pages late into the night...

Singapore book launch of Mukul Deva's MAKE SUCCESS A HABIT (Armour, 2017)

TANZEEM - the nail-biting finale to the thrilling LASHKAR series. (HarperCollins)

Reader Reviews

WEAPON OF VENGEANCE is a gripping terrorism thriller by an antiterrorism professional.

Stephen Coonts
New York Times Bestselling Author of PIRATE ALLEY
Ken Spillman, Bestselling Australian author -

Battalions of Deva fans know his talent for incendiary action. SALIM MUST DIE is a killer thriller, a must read. From the man who claims to write on ‘literary Viagra’, this is a straight up winner.

Ken Spillman
Bestselling Australian author -
 Aniruddho Basu -

My unstinted praise for two superlatively crafted books - LASHKAR was unputdownable and a terrific ride indeed! SALIM MUST DIE was another defining moment in Indian military fiction. I now await BLOWBACK to blow me away... carry on, Maestro!

Aniruddho Basu
Anjana Basu -

LASHKAR and SALIM MUST DIE will find an answering chord with many and both are bound to be made into films and have multiplexes filled with patriotic cheers.

Anjana Basu
Rakesh Dalwani -

Irresistible read. Mukul has the knack of communicating the terrorism issue with a great degree of relevance and still make it fictional. Complimenting the style is his knowledge of army, intelligence & terrorists.

Rakesh Dalwani

It is unusual for a writer of 'thrillers' to feel passionately about his books.

Financial Express
Ananth Doraswamy –

Gripping and well narrated action - I read the book in one go. Not only does Mukul take you through the terrorists process of recruiting, brain washing and training of innocent people effortlessly but also develops characters well, making the feel-good story credible and engaging.

Ananth Doraswamy
Ignace Hindrick –

Reading SALIM MUST DIE was a great experience. You really feel you are in the middle of the action. Looks so real, but sometimes quite scary. One of the best fiction books I have ever read.

Ignace Hindrick
Shailesh Karkhanis -

Every scenario described here is realistic and scary. I truly enjoyed it. I hope something of this sort does not happen in reality. I feel that SALIM MUST DIE should not only be read by every Indian but also be read the world over.

Shailesh Karkhanis
Sadiya Khan -

Reality, Thriller, Action - LASHKAR and SALIM MUST DIE present an amazing vision to see the reality, on such sensitive issues. A thrilling style of words, which have been placed into action thoughts.

Sadiya Khan
Brigadier Sanjeev Kanal -

Mukul is a much-needed star who has dazzled with his brilliance. LASHKAR and SALIM MUST DIE were absolute delights. His in-depth knowledge of affairs military coupled with a lucid and simple style of story telling makes the reader crave for more.

Brigadier Sanjeev Kanal
Hari Kumar -

Finally, an Indian writer who keeps you on the edge and wanting more. Go, Mukul, go; let your pen flow!

Hari Kumar

Mukul Deva's military action thriller LASHKAR incidentially became the first book on that subject. 

HT Jaipur
Ashish Kumar -

I still remember my first thriller, an Alistair Maclean, which I read twenty-nine years ago. Reading SALIM MUST DIE gave me a similar high, because of its freshness and its relevance to my surroundings.

Ashish Kumar
Monish Navlani -

The LASHKAR series is simply Genius personified. Gripping storylines and excellent coverage and explanation of the global geo-political scenario. Mukul Deva is probably amongst the best authors globally.

Monish Navlani
Fran Lebowitz Rittman -

I put off everything once I started reading Mukul Deva's series and then I told all my friends. Clancy, sure, but I'm thinking the next Ken Follett. This writer has just started a major blockbuster career.

Fran Lebowitz Rittman
Sourabh Sengupta -

LASHKAR can be well defined as a "Readers Combat Exercise" because every page is so captivating and visually active that the reader finds himself on the edge. The story is so captivating that I read it in one go. All in all, an excellent piece of art.

Sourabh Sengupta
Sayan Acharya -

I absolutely adore Mukul Deva's writings; he is the new age Satyajit Ray. His style is lucid yet you are drawn towards his books. Both LASHKAR and SALIM MUST DIE are serious page-turners. He is one of the best authors that I have ever come across.

Sayan Acharya
Neena Singh -

Mukul Deva is an extraordinary writer - his imagination and attention to detail make his characters come alive and one is almost sorry to reach the end... the plot is woven with an uncanny intermingling of reality and make-believe.

Neena Singh
Anunay Shrivastava -

Am thrilled to see this kind of a writing from a fellow Indian. Such wonderful detail orientation along with a superlative understanding of the macro environment. I read that people are comparing your writing to the Ludlum’s and Clancy's of the world, but in my eyes you are way beyond them… somewhere close to Mathew Riley and Allen Folsom... Cheers and keep ‘em coming!

Anunay Shrivastava
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