F.C.U.K. Your Way to Success (Westland, 2013)

'To be honest with you Arjun, we don't yet have a clear picture but we would certainly like them to lead in a more inspiring manner and, equally important, we would really like to enhance the quality of their lives.'  

'Right.' I marshaled my thoughts, brought up my most intelligent, consultant look and got ready to help them see a clearer picture. Only then would I be able to evolve solutions. Only then would they value the results. 'If I understand you correctly, you’re saying that you'd like to see your leaders do less, but achieve more?'

'Come again.' Win leaned forward, aroused.

'Do less and achieve more?' Lou could not contain himself either. 'Is that possible?'

'How is that possible, would be a far more useful question.' I gently corrected.

‘Eh?’ He looked nonplussed.

'What's the difference, Arjun?' This was the first time that I had heard Coleen ask a question. I could see that she was intrigued. And I also noted that Win was looking pleased. I sensed she was as pleased by the quality of Coleen's question as she was by the fact that Coleen had started speaking up.

'Between the two questions?’ I queried.

Lou nodded.

‘Well, if we stay with the first, is it possible, we will be expending our energy trying to determine just that – whether it is possible or not.' I let that sink in. 'However, when we ask how is it possible, we assume it is possible and seek options … ways in which we can make it happen. Once we have done that, we can then select the option we think is the most suitable for us.'

'Right.' It was a long thoughtful right. Clearly Coleen was thinking through the answer. ‘That’s pretty powerful … and simple.’

‘Basically it is about what you wish to focus on – your perception of your capabilities, or the various ways in which the task can be done,’ I elaborated.

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