Media Coverage

Media Coverage
The Statesman

You may be forgiven for thinking that Deva has a Nostradamus touch.

The Statesman

Deva is the grandmaster of Indian military action novels.

Bangalore Mirror
Feb 2009

The God of all things… it's tough describing Mukul Deva.

Business World

The emotive quality in Deva's writing is powerful and the logic crisply military.

Indian Express
Business Link

India’s No. 1 thrill machine.

Business Line

The patriot fights back. BLOWBACK is Mukul Deva's combat weapon.

HT City

Deva comes as a pleasant surprise. It is rare to find a successful, celebrated man who has enough vulnerability.

New Indian Express

You can smell the gunpowder!

The Hindu

A pioneer of military thrillers in India.

The Guardian

Deva is spreading a scent of gunpowder in the air.

Bangalore Mirror

A surprisingly touching statement from a man who has lived by the gun.

Indian Express

Deva is high among the fast increasing tribe of Indian writers.

The Week

It is unusual for a writer of 'thrillers' to feel passionately about his books.

Financial Express

Deva paints the picture of geo-politics and terrorism with fantastic clarity.

The Hindu

A life as full of twists and turns as his thrillers.

Daily World

Mukul Deva's new book offers tips to keep the country safe.

The Tribune

Pioneer of the Indian military and techno thriller.

New Asian Writing

Mukul Deva's military action thriller LASHKAR incidentially became the first book on that subject. 

HT Jaipur

From the combat zone


Deva still has no rival in the Indian political thriller field.

The Statesman

Deva's got a license to thrill.

Asian Age